Introduction to NeoES.Wipzpell

Quite recently we signed the current nr #1 Point Blank Female team in Thailand. As of my previous article we were talking about how we were looking closely on the female scene and very shortly after breaking ties with NeoES.Knock, Wipzpell found a new home in our organisation.

We are incredibly happy and excited to have this amazing team under our banners and are looking forward to working with them. Let me introduce the team to you below and see what they have to say!

Full name: Leelawadee Supingkalad

Nickname: May

Age: 28

Role: Attacker, Support

IGN: Kiss Angelz

Bio: I personally like FPS games in general, but picked Point Blank in particular because of one female team. So I decided to play professionally and have been practicing for 2 years now. I then joined a team for a tournament in 2015, won some, lost some, moved to several teams and ended up with team Wipzpell for 2 years now, they’re all lovely and this is my home.

Full name: Wanlapa charoensuk

Nickname: Cat

Age: 18

Role: Attacker, Support

IGN: kitkatkiku

Bio: I’ve been playing FPS games for quite some time until I found Point Blank at the age of 11, then attended the tournament at the age of 16, been through a lot and ended up with Wipzpell and we’ve since then earned lots of accomplishments.

Full name: Kanokporn  Boonto

Nickname: Chelsea

Age: 17

Role: Attacker, Support

IGN: Smooty

Bio: I’ve played FPS since I was 10, and when I reached the age of 13 I found Point Blank. I was playing casually up until I met Fearlet, then she invited me to scrim with her. That’s how I started playing professionally and ended up with Wipzpell with a lot of fame.

Full name: Prapawadee Boonbangyang

Nickname: Praew

Age: 19

Role: Attacker, Support

IGN: Muffin

Bio: I’ve played FPS since I was 11 because my younger brother plays this genre of games a lot, so I started playing and watched a lot of tournaments until the age of 16. At that point I joined a female team as a captain, despite that I was the youngest. I tried to break the stereotype of my young age by practicing a lot, up to the point that I got to join and built up Wipzpell to the point it is today.

Full name: Sirinapa Thongthong

Nickname: Noey

Age: 24

Role: Attacker

IGN: Fearlet

Bio: My brother played PB at the time, so I tried it as well, and at the moment the PB Lady Killers 2014 tournament was going on, so I attended it and got 1st runner up for that moment. It was an eye opening experience, so I practiced more and more after that. In 2015 I moved to Wipzpell and won as a champion up until the present.


I’d like to thank our girls for a short introduction of who they are and where they come from! We are so excited to have them under our banners and will be supporting them in all of their upcoming tournaments where they’ll defend their champion titles. Below we’ll post a list of all their achievements.
Thank you guys for reading and once again welcome NeoES.Wipzpell to our organisation!

Best Regards

Pontus “Zlapped” Mähler

Neolution E-Sport CEO