Neolution E-Sport Point Blank – Female Division

Hey all Neolution fans out there! Quite recently we announced the 9 E-Sport team lineups that we possess and are incredibly happy to support. One of the teams mentioned was the Knock Point Blank girl team.

Sadly the team have been going through some internal issues, we’d like to speak more on this topic but we of course respect all of our players privacy and feelings. With that said we have decided to let the girls go even though they’re under contract, as they longer want to play with the same 5 man roster.

As for the future of our female Point Blank division we haven’t given up here – The opposite. We will be playing very close attention to the female tournaments in the scene of Point Blank and will be looking to sign a new team very shortly with minimal delay.

We’d like to thank the players for their short stay in Neolution and we hope that they’ll all find new homes on their now separate paths. Thank you for your time!

NeoES|Mimo – [ik]`

NeoES|Pwfhsru – [NS]`

NeoES|sArWrk – [Nn]`

NeoES|Yeenyeah – [HC] `

NeoES|Chipmunks – [At] `

Thank you for reading! Expect news shortly on a new Point Blank Girl team.

Best Regards – Pontus “Zlapped” Mähler – Neolution E-Sport CEO