We at Neolution E-Sport are pleased to announce that we have now signed a team in the relatively new action-packed game from Blizzard – Overwatch.

We’re constantly looking to expand our organisation into different gaming communities and with a game as popular as Overwatch it was a given. We didn’t have to search long as we were lucky enough to have worked with Forest previously in Neolution and it made the signing and process of picking this team up much easier.

Ofcourse taking them into our organisation we wanted to have a short quote from all of them why they decided to join us. Down below we’ll go over every players nickname, role as well as the reason for them playing Overwatch and joining our organisation.

Role :: Offtank
Why Overwatch? It’s a completely new style of game and I enjoyed it since the first time I tried it out.
Quote :: I wanted to be part of Neolution E-Sport.

Name :: Rodtunglnw
Role :: Tank
Why Overwatch? This game doesn’t require too much aiming, playstyles can vary, it’s kind of like a MOBA + FPS game. Makes it enjoyable.
Quote :: A push in the right direction is what everyone needs and this organisation can provide us that.

Name :: Forest
Role :: DPS
Why Overwatch? It’s very fun and challenging.
Quote :: I have been with Neolution before so I feel very comfortable staying with them again.

Name :: Racha
Role :: DPS
Why Overwatch? It’s not a one-man-show. The game requires quite a lot of teamwork making it a very action-packed game that is fun to watch and very interactive.
Quote :: Without supports from the organization, the team wouldn’t be going anywhere in the future.

Role :: FLEX
Why Overwatch? It’s a mix of FPS + MOBA and I like both genres of games so it was natural to me.
Quote :: Neolution is well known here in Thailand. Being under an organization energizes me in a way to utilize my own playstyle to the maximum potential.

Name :: ZOBI
Role :: Support
Why Overwatch? It’s a nice game that requires a lot of teamwork.
Quote :: Personally I think that everyone needs a bit of push.

Name :: YUT
Role :: Support
Why Overwatch? Saw it during the beta, tried it, liked it, played it since.
Quote :: The organization will help us in many ways, with bootcamps for example that can increase the quality of our practice.

We’d like to thank our Overwatch team for their kind words and now the both of us are looking brith at the future! We are looking forward to supporting our Overwatch team in the best way we can to guarantee their success and best possible practice for them to achieve their dreams.

Thank you guys for reading and don’t forget to follow us on our social medias where you can be up to date to everything that we’re doing.


Best Regards
Pontus “Zlapped” Mähler
Neolution E-Sport CEO