Leading the market in not only products, but also eSports has always been a goal of Neolution, and thanks to recent contracts with multiple top teams in Thailand, we can happily say those plans are moving forward. With these contracts come partnership opportunities.

We are pleased to say that after our recent changes we have now signed 9 total teams in 8 different games all based in Thailand. We are fortunate to be able to support so many talented gamers in different types of games in the Thai scene. We have also always been advocates of gender equality in gaming and are proud to host both female and male teams.
In an upcoming article we will be introducing all teams and players, but until then let’s go over the games that we have currently signed:

  • Heroes of Newerth (Foxy Force) – Female
  • Heroes of Newerth (eNeo) – Male
  • Point Blank Titan – Male
  • Point Blank Knock – Female
  • Blackwingz Dota 2 – Female
  • National RoV – Male
  • Overwatch – Male
  • Total of 9 Fifa Players
  • CS:GO.iNS

Along with our elite lineup of eSport teams, Neolution also supports individual streamers and has teamed up with renowned streamers and eSport players such as Chitawan, O7T, Boxser, Waterz, and more.

 “อยากเล่นเกมอีกล้าววว แต่งานเยอะ #งานมาก่อน #ทำงานสิ

We are constantly looking to add new partnerships and teams to our existing lineup. LoL & male Dota 2 in particular, but of course we are looking to support other games as well.

Along with new guidelines, contracts, and teams, we have also decided to completely re-design our beloved jersey and it’s partners. Neolution’s goal has always been to promote eSports, and therefore providing all of our players and streamers with a comfortable salary. In order to support eSports, we need partners and sponsors willing to contribute to our organization and players. Therefore, we have decided that the logos of previous partners, friends, etc. will leave our jersey for the time being as we move towards partnerships based on fair-and-mutual benefits.

In clarification, Neolution will be exclusively pursuing mutually-beneficial partnerships and will no longer provide free services, marketing, and advertising to companies eager to expand into eSports but not willing to put in the work to do so.

So, Neolution is very pleased to announce our first 4 official partnerships to be featured on the newly-redesigned jersey:

  • Garena Live
  • Sennheiser
  • Interplay
  • HyperX

We are incredibly excited to work with these brands to keep pushing eSports forward and provide benefits for all of our players and streamers so they can continue doing what they love. The further we go and the more partners we get, the more we can give back to our players so they can continue their careers within their online communities.

Thank you guys for reading! Neolution E-Sport is thankful and proud to be in a position to provide support and benefits to all of our current and future streamers and players. With that, we are hoping to widen our horizons with brands and companies and hope to get even more influencers involved with online communities.

Until next time!

Best Regards – Pontus “Zlapped” Mähler – Neolution E-Sport CEO